Discussion of the top 20 of Most Common Phobias

Discussion of the top 20 of Most Common Phobias

What is Phobia:
Fear may be a normal reaction of all people. When we are in danger for any specific reason, we get afraid instinctively. Many of us are scared to see snakes in the dark or to board a plane or to rise to great heights. But in some cases, this fear or phobia of ours is unreasonable, and as a result, the person becomes terrified. For instance, an individual who is scared of heights could also be frightened when he sees a tall building, or he is also frightened when he sees a snake on TV because he’s frightened of snakes. a person could also be afraid to see a dog on the road, as he’s scared of dogs. Some fear water, some fear fire, some fear natural things, and this is often Phobia, which is a diagnosable mental disturbance of individuals.
There are five different categories of most common phobias  which are classified by The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). They’re mentioned below:

  • Phobias related to Animal: in this type, an individual fears dogs, snakes, lizards, spiders, cockroaches, etc.
  • Phobias related to Natural environment: in this type, someone fears natural calamities and environments like trees, storms, thunder, water, fire, heights, darkness, etc.
  • Phobias related to medical treatments: in this type, a person has a fear of needles, medicines, blood, operations, etc.
  • Phobias related to Situation: in this type, an individual has a fear of flying, water riding, crossing roads, driving, using an elevator or accelerator, etc.
  • Other sorts of phobia: The phobias which don’t match with the above categories are in this sector.

Some common Phobias:


Some Common Phobias:
Some most Common Phobias

There are some most common phobias among  the people of the planet. These phobias are based on culture, environment, society, age, and sex. But according to research, women have more phobias than men. The common phobias are mentioned below-

  • Acrophobia– When someone fears to elevate himself from the bottom level, he experiences this sort of phobia.
  • Aerophobia– Aerophobia is usually called Pteromerhanophobia. If a person fears flying, it’s called Aerophobia.
  • Agoraphobia– Some people fear to gather. They try to remain detached from society. This is often called Agoraphobia.
  • Arachnophobia– The people that fear spiders have Arachnophobia.
  • Bathmophobia– Sometimes, we see some people fear stairs and steep slopes. It’s called Bathmophobia.
  • Catoptrophobia– When someone stands before a mirror, he or she fears himself or herself. This kind of phobia is termed Catoptrophobia.
  • Chronophobia– It means fear of time. The person who has Chronophobia fears finishing his work in a given time.
  • Cynophobia– it’s mostly seen in children and ladies. It means the fear of dogs.
  • Dentophobia– Dentophobia means fear of dentists.
  • Entomophobia– this is often mostly seen in children. This sort indicates the fear of insects. It’s also called Insectophobia.
  • Gynophobia– this implies the fear of girls.
  • Gamophobia– For Gamophobia, the person fears to induce married.
  • Haphephobia– If someone has haphephobia, he fears being touched by anyone, although some people are only scared of being touched by the opposite gender.
  • Hemophobia– This genre of phobia indicates fears of blood. Fears of needles, bones, and medical gadgets are included in this genre.
  • Herpetophobia– This suggests fear of reptiles like snakes, lizards, crocodiles, etc.
  • Hydrophobia– It’s widespread among all aged people. It means fear of water.
  • Nyctophobia– Some people fear finding themselves in darkness. That’s why they keep the light source turned on while sleeping.
  • Ophidiophobia– It’s a section of Herpetophobia. It means the fear of snakes.
  • Philophobia– Philophobia indicates a fear of love.
  • Somniphobia– For Somniphobia, a person fears sleeping at nighttime. Fear of ghosts, fear of darkness are also included in Somniphobia.


 Phobias are treated by counseling, meditation, therapy, and medications. As it is a common mental illness, one should need to discuss the matter with psychologists first. Remember one thing, having a phobia isn’t a severe mental disturbance and phobia is treatable. So if you think that you have a phobia, consult a doctor and follow the pieces of recommendation and treatment.

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