10 Best Ways To Earn Money in Student Life

10 Best Ways To Earn Money in Student Life

Money is the most important object. Without it, you can not buy a single thing. It is a medium of exchange. But it is hard to get money. You have to work to earn money.In the 21st century, you can easily earn money by doing some simple tasks. In some works, you do not even need any experience. The Internet has made tasks more simple, easy, and reliable. In this article, we will discuss the best 10 ways to earn money in student life. Sit back, relax and read the content to start earning money from today.

1. Doing Online Surveys– Nowadays, the most popular earning source is to fill out online surveys. Students are very friendly with this job. Research companies are providing more surveys about new products and health-related issues. You can even earn more than 10$ per day by giving simple answers to surveys. As a beginner, you can try these websites- Tulona, Opinion Bureau, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollar, etc. You just need a good internet connection to successfully complete surveys.

2. Online Market Trading– Investment in-stock can settle your future. You have to learn to do investment property. It is the easiest way to earn money in student life. But it is a little bit risky. You may have significant losses. You have to be patient to earn the maximum profit. You do not have to be dependent on offline stock brokers. There are some online market trading platforms where you can invest safely. Research and find the best trading platform that suits you. We suggest you eToro, which is the most famous trading platform now.

3. Doing some microtasks- You can earn money by doing some microtasks like- sign up to different websites, installing apps, like and subscribe to social platforms, watching PTC ads and videos, etc. The much you work, the much you get paid. There are some trusted websites. They are- Timebucks, Microworkers, Swagbucks, Rapidworkers, etc. The websites have plenty of payment methods. So you have nothing to worry about the payments. You can also do surveys on some of these websites.

4. Paid for searching the web- Have you heard of getting paid by simply searching on the website? It is one of the easiest methods of earning on the internet. “Qmee” rewards you by searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, and Amazon. Install add-on or extension to your browser and get rewarded by searching on the web. The microtask website, Timebucks, has also created a search bar where you can get rewarded by doing simple searches.

5. Become a delivery boy or driver– If you have a motorcycle or bike or bicycle, you can get extra money by delivering foods or products. There are many companies that recruit delivery boys or girls. You have to sign up with your details to the websites. This is a flexible job to earn money in student life. You can double up the salary by directly contacting the best restaurants in your region.

6. Babysitting- If you are a student, then babysitting is the most suitable job for you. It is not an easy job. But it is very much flexible. You have to take care of a child or children while their parents are out. You can earn a lot by doing this job. The average babysitting rate of the USA in 2018 was above $16.25 per hour and it is increasing day by day. You can definitely rely on this job. You can earn more if you are trained in childcare. Create a profile based on babysitting and wait for someone to contact you.

7. Tuition– You can earn a good amount of money by teaching an individual student or small groups. It is also a flexible job as babysitting. If you have good presentation skills and good knowledge of a particular subject, then tuition is the best profession for you. You can earn extra money by creating a coaching center. You have to practice well, make a routine and have to be punctual to be successful in this sector.It is one of the best ways to earn money in student life.

8. Sell second-hand course books– We buy books at the starting of a new semester or a new year. We use the book for certain times. Then we have to buy new books for our new year or semester. So the old books become useless. But we can make the books useful and valuable by selling them on online or offline platforms. There are some online platforms like Amazon Marketplace, where you can sell your old books at a good price. Please note that they take a commission rate on every book you sell. That’s why you can not sell the books at the price you bought. Like online platforms, there are some offline book stores or market places where you can buy old books at lower prices (30%-60% of the selling price). You can also exchange old books to buy new books. This will save a lot of money.

9. Sell on your education– If you are very much good at something like singing, writing, designing, etc then you can earn money by becoming a tutor. You do not have to take pressure in this work. You need a laptop and a good quality microphone. Record audio and video of your class. You will get plenty of software to do this task. Then divide the record into some lessons. Edit the videos and post them on online platforms especially Udemy. When users will complete your course, they will get paid by the online platform which is another best way to earn money in student life. You do not have to be highly educated. You just need good knowledge about the skill you want to teach others. You can also try Superproof and UK Tutors to become a tutor.

10. Sell your notes– You make good notes. Your friends follow your notes before exams and make a good result. Your notes are valuable. Then you can earn a little cash by sharing your notes. There are some sites like Nexus Notes and Stuna, where you can upload your notes free of cost. When other students download it, you will earn a little cash. The more download amount, the more money you can get. The websites take a cut off your profit. But it is not so much. So upload your notes and tell your friends to download them. You can earn more by promoting your notes outside of your friends’ circle.

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